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Quick, less $ than quoted and extremely courteous!
The Metrowest Power team was excellent and the project was very well-run from start to finish. Could not be more happy with the installation and price.
I highly recommend MetroWest Power. They were great to work with.
The Sullivans and their staff are great: smart, friendly, reasonable, good value. They don't oversell. Their techs are all as capable and nice as they are.
I recently did a full home generator installation with Metrowest. They were fantastic to work with every step of the way. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Very happy that we chose to work with Mike, Beth and the team at Metrowest Power. Outstanding experience from initial visit to install. Mike fielded about a million questions from me and helped me understand every aspect of the project. He and the team did the job on time, as promised. Was a pleasure working with him, the electricians, plumber. We highly recommend Metrowest Power.
Many businesses seem to be struggling to keep their service high post covid...Metrowest Power doesn't make excuses, they get the job done...on time ....and RIGHT the first time.
Metrowest Power was prompt and courteous, and did a great job of explaining what we were buying and how it all works. The team had a very small "footprint" - they got the work done in the time promised, and needed minimal involvement from us the homeowners. I highly recommend Metrowest Power!
We recently installed a Generac generator and are extremely pleased with the price, responsiveness and workmanship of Metrowest Power. We feel the unit was spec’d out well for our needs, the price was quite competitive, and the installers were top notch. We really appreciate the pride they take in their work. I recommend Metrowest Power highly.
Best decision I made for the safety of my family. Having electricity in your home when the lights are out is like having a warm fire to comfort you. It has brought peace of mind to our home. Especially now during Covid with my kids needing to use their computers constantly for homework, and my husband working from home. Mike and his entire team were professional, efficient, courteous, nothing but the best to say! I would highly recommend this team.
I came to Metrowest Power after my initial dealer closed. I was a bit hesitant at first looking at all the choices out there but after doing some serious homework, I found Metrowest Power. They are a local company and they treat you like family. Right from the initial phone call, I could tell this was going to be a good fit. They have made some great recommendations for me that I have taken advantage of and let's face it, they are local! and I believe in taking care of local businesses! The best thing is one less thing to worry about, they have my Generac generator running smoothly and I don't have to worry about anything having to do with it. A win win for everybody. I,100% recommend Metrowest Power for anything having to do with Generators! They are the best!!
From installation through maintenance support, the team at Metrowest Power is very customer oriented. They are friendly, courteous, professional and also meet their commitments. I wish all the companies I deal with were took customer satisfaction so seriously. It is a pleasure to do business with them.
One of the first things i was impressed with was Mike Sullivan's honesty. He did not try to sugar coat the fact that the lead time could be lengthly to sell me his product. I trusted him! So i bought two units one for my home in Falmouth and one for my Restaurant in East Bridgewater.
Mike and team from Metrowest were extremely helpful especially helping to navigate the installation during the pandemic and making sure the job was complete. And to really top things off, Mike came to our house during a bad wind storm to finalize the job making sure we were all set should we lose power that night. Something you don't forget!! And once you have a generator you will wonder why you ever waited so long..
Mike and his team were great. Very professional and kept me well informed and educated! Thank you metro west!
We first approached the dealer after a lengthy power outage which did not affect us in our town. The dealer promised to get back to us AFTER they serviced existing customers. That impressed me because we would have been a new account and they took care of their existing customers first. Their presentation to us was complete and candid.Their installation was flawless with very professional sub contractors who provided us with their contact information. Recently, there was an outage of great length in my town and the dealer followed up with us to answer questions since it was the first time that the generator was used beyond a minute or two. The office staff is very friendly and courteous and caring.
Metrowest Power presented the options, gave including additional work with improvements to the electrical system. It made sense to do thiand enhanced the safety of the Generac set up. It has worked very well for us, and Metrowest Power has been helpful and professional at every stage of this project.
These guys are awesome. I am a brand-new customer and live in a highly wooded area. HUGE wind storm felled trees all around me, knocking out power, before we had a chance to initiate our service plan. Of course, the generator didn't work. I called for an emergency visit and they were here in just over an hour - notwithstanding that they had to navigate downed trees across every road with access to my home! They fixed the generator, and did a full diagnostic so that I am up and running even though town power is still out (and likely to be for several days). They even reached out to make sure everything went well and that I'm ok. Professional, excellent, friendly. I'm a huge fan!
showed up right on time and did a very thorough inspection of the house. he was very cleaver in analyzing the most efficient way to locate the generator and run the lines. he answered all my questions clearly. I was pleased when they showed up for the 6 month service without my prompting them to do so.also pleased when during a recent power outage the neighborhood was dark and my house was powered with just a momentary blink.
Metrowest Power has done an excellent job servicing our Generac. We just lost power for two days and the generator worked perfectly - what a life saver! Would highly recommend.
My experience with Metrowest Power (MWP) set a high bar for other contractors to follow. Mike responded to my initial outreach immediately. He was extremely knowledgeable about not only the technology and logistics but also the process. His quote was better than the competitor. Delivery and install proceeded smoothly and on schedule. His team of electricians and plumbers was thorough, friendly and detailed. MWP handled the permit and final inspection. System has already made a difference. Highly recommend this team.